Got Crabs?

Who would want that!!! Actually I did and it was the kind of challenge I enjoy doing, and of course eating. My client has a top end product, canned crab meat…all kinds. My job , just the type  I love to do, style,prop,light,create,shoot…

Miami Food Photography-3164



showing the product , all 19 for page use….

what’s inside  Backfin_Miami Food Photography-3228

How to use…Miami Food Photography-4007-8

Colossal crab,squeeze of lemon,sweet onions,tomato,lettuce,thousand island,on multi-grain bread…mmm… if you eliminate the bread,chop up the rest,you would have a great crab salad as well.       P.S. goes great with a cold Pinot Grigio, maybe two.



A Different Kind of Drum….one you eat!

Corvina… a salt water, tropical fish in the Drum family  can be found fresh at Cosco or ask for it at your fish market. Great for those who like a mild, meaty fish, just as good cold the next day in a  salad or on a sandwich with lettuce,tomato,a little onion,French dressing in a Ciabatta bread.

So here’s a 6 minute recipe very easy to do, feeds two. Very good with Chardonnay or a chilled White Bordeaux.

What you need:

approx.  2lb fillet of Corvina…boneless

Sesame OIl…………………  5 Tbl.spoons
Olive Oil   ..……………………3 tbl.spoons

Chinese Rice Vinegar ………………1/4 cup
1 Lemon……………………..squeezed in mix
Clove or 2 of garlic……….chopped fine
Ginger (fresh)……………..chopped fine
Scallion…………………….sliced small
Worcestershire Sauce…….a few splashes

Do not substitute fresh ingredients for jarred garlic or ginger,fake lemon juice or any other vinegar …..

Your sauce should look like this one….you can adjust the proportions of the mix to taste, if you like more ginger or lemon etc….

matthew pace’s fish sauce

A double sided grill, like a George Foreman or Cuisinart style works best.

First brush the fish with a light coat of sesame oil. Heat the grill to medium 350 degrees…place fillet 45 degree angle counter clock wise on the grill for 3 minutes…

turn Corvina fillet clockwise for another  3 minutes…

take out after 6 minutes total and spoon sauce over top… serve with any green veges you like or a salad…Pour wine in glass( if you haven’t already done that) eat,drink and be merry…Shown here are Brussel Sprouts with Balsamic Glaze.

Corvina grilled with Brussel Sprouts and Balsamic Glaze

Tell me what you think…

Shooting Bronzini…and others

I was hired to shoot Bronzini. I didn’t know what he did or what he “didn’t do” to call me in. All they told me is that he was coming that morning from either Greece or Italy in the Mediterranean. After the shoot they would put him in “The Freezer”

I set it up that day and waited. They brought him over. I grabbed him and wrestled him onto table. He was slippery but cooperative and we all knew what was to happen next. It didn’t take too long despite the fact that I had to take a few shots….

This is Bronzini. I shoot Food. I’m also the fish guy

who has
” The Fish Series…” an ongoing art project that is now showing some images with the “Works in Progress”  photo show, as part of the Miami Visual Collective,  appearing at the Jorge Hullian Gallery , 5864 Sunset Drive,South Miami, FL.

So it would be a perfect fit that I should shoot an assignment involving fish. My client had just that in mind when he called. They are one of the best fresh fish providers in the state, supplying top chefs and high end restaurants with both known and some unusual fish from different parts of the world. Bronzini was one of them.

The director of this job couldn’t be on location but we kept  communicating by posting images live online as we shot them. With me, besides my assistant, was the designer and owner, watching the monitor as images appeared and after some careful time for initial approvals on backgrounds colors etc, we went on to execute my mission.

It doesn’t get any fresher than this by setting it up on location. Full scale lighting for such small colorful items help make them clean and makes their colors sparkle. Styling them is another challenge and sometimes the simpler something looks the harder it is. Luckily my sous chef experience comes into play as this time we didn’t bring in one of the great food stylists I work with. This job presented its own set of challenges and time constraints but it’s part of the job and why I love doing  it.

PS. my wife made me sleep on the couch that night.