Pasta,Cheese,Prosciutto,Love..Roman Style

So my journey begins in Rome…not in Pennsylvania…but Italy. Hot and crowded in summer, like really really crowded, it’s rich in monuments, fountains, antiquities and of course, The Vatican. Of course we all know that so put the trip on your bucket list, go in fall.




For me, it’s also about food since that’s what I do as Miami Food Photography.





Salumi, cold cuts to us, and cheese with a great non-alcoholic drink called Grodini, that tastes like Compari and oranges, very refreshing and habit forming. It’s perfect by day but it’s what’s up at night that makes Rome even more interesting.



Wonderful sidewalk cafes serve their specialties. Look down the smallest side streets and find them. This one had fresh made pasta and gelato.








Who enough pasta, soak in the night air, bask in the night light and buona fortuna!









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