Everything on It

I like Burgers…who doesn’t? So when a new sports bar and grill needed food photography, guess who they came to… me a professional burger eater. A few days of shooting, a few days of eating, a few pounds that need shedding and I can attest to the fact that my friends here at Bokamper’s make the best, not just burgers, but all their food that kept me busy for days, and this isn’t just a plug for them


A dozen burgers later, one Cheese Burger with Workscomes out naked… no

not a waiter, the burger. “what’s up with that?” I asked. Chef Jimmy Dean says, ” It’s a build your own burger.”  Music to my ears and visuals to my eyes as I start to taste it all. Turning to my food stylist, Ellie Stern I said ” If we build it, they will come” and here it is…  and so you came! If you go, tell them Matthew sent you


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