Tale of Two Lenses part2/Dilemma…

Besides adding to my series “DreamStates” I wanted to find an image that would go well in my new living room, this time leaning on my 24mm 1.4L Canon lense but still bringing my LensBaby along. As usual, I am once again caught between the difference in feel of each, and adding to that, as the image progressed, a new dilemma emerges,(reminds me of the darkroom days of endless printing variations!!)

Here on the let is the original view, 24mm 1.4L Canon, not much correction via Lightroom, my favorite program. Shot raw as all the images I capture..why?…so I can add more to my dilemma as time goes on.

This next one on the left was shot with the LensBaby, which makes up the bulk of my series and I am addicted to like a great drug, only a lot cheaper.
The only technical thing I can tell you is that I use the ring with the medium sized circle in it and bend the tube like I am massaging a bruise until it looks good to me. I would have been ok with either one, maybe do a test print to see it on a wall EXCEPT..Once in LightRoom the one on the right emerges with one of my presets…..now I know”what color is the living room??”
Well both …I had to take the twelve step program to break away from the program and try to deal with just these three images..digital has no end only capped by the amount of money you can spend on hard drives. Lenses are like a painter’s brushes and programs, like LightRoom, are his paints..
PS..if you ever order a LensBaby…please let them know you got the urge from me here!!
I’ve been trying to some sponsorship from them to continue this series and bring it to show.


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