I’m not an anti digital guy. I use it, I get it and I do pay for it as well. It has a good place but sometimes it sort of becomes the place and I get lost in it.

The weather was crappy, not unsual for NJ in early winter months. I was just visiting family and left the “equipment” home. What I did bring though was a 1935 Agfa box camera and a few roll of 120 TriX…yes I said it..FILM..get over it!

Always looking for a new brush to work with, this $10.00 beauty and my magnifyer glasses to see through its small finder, was all I had during my walk, 3 blocks from home. Somehow, F/stops,lenses,file endings,program settings went silent, as silent as this moment , and I was able to hear it. While I don’t hold this up as a great masterpiece, from time to time it talks to me. The argument of film vs digital and all the fancy expensive equipment settles on one thing…it’s not what ‘s in your hands, it’s what’s in your soul and if you listen hard enough, if you can block out the voices that break the silence of a Zen experience…you find what it’s really all about…communication.


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