A Tale of Two Lenses

Here are two sets of images from two different lenses.

One of the most asked questions photographers hear is..”What kind of equipment is he using” As though the equipment itself is why the image is good or great and not the content, never mind all the other factors that weigh in.

I’m sure Picasso himself was asked what kind of paint he had or what weight hammer did Michelangelo use…it never ends… BUT..does the kind of equipment help to translate what you see into how you want others to see?

I’ve been working on a series,”DreamStates” shot on Miami’s South Beach, over the last year. The idea is, visons at sunrise through dream filled eyes..or at least that’s how it started. Like everything, it evolved and its now taking another turn(more later). Today was not a great morning for light, subject, or maybe my eyes were just too sleepy who knows, but it lead me to do a comparison just to challenge the old question.

This image on the left, done with a LensBaby and unless you haven’t seen one, it does a floppy or as the new one does,a swivel thing to put a portion of the image out of focus…good for art, not so good for most editors, why? , it scares them.

The one on the right is with Canon’s 24mm F1.4. The difference..focus of course and roughly $1000.00 but that’s not the point. The real point is, which one is best capturing what I am trying to achieve or does what “he is using” really matter?


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