37th Frame..

In the good old film days, often you were able to squeak out one last frame that always seemd to surprise you and often got selected by the editor…”the 37th frame”

Sometimes you held back on it because it was always an afterthought…you turned and fired or said..hang on one more.. or maybe you had no choice because it had to appear on your contact sheet..(remember those??) you tried to rub over it but it magically got selected none the less..

Well this is digital and here this is not the 37th but the first of 4gigs…anyone with a name for it please post.. I, working on a series, ” DreamStates” went to a spot I wanted. I took out the camera and a torrent of rain came down..in a haste I fired one anyway and took cover..back in bed,under the cover that is..dissapointed with the weather the following day I went to refromat the card BUT before I wanted to see what was there…and poof..my 37th frame or whatever it can be called is here…Moral: don’t think, just shoot..somewhere inside your experience lies someone you buried with a host of bills,obligations,things I should do…a mountain that stands before you and why you are doing this in the first place…The 37th frame is still around,it just has another name.


One thought on “37th Frame..

  1. That is an excellent shot. I do find the more often than not, the last off-the-cuff shot of the day is the best or most interesting. Thanks.

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