New Brush 2

..OK…so the first rule of thumb with a G9 camera from Canon is..CHECK THE BATTERY STATUS first…it loves the juice…..

After a false start, due to to the above fact learned the hard way!!! I came home and decided to use it where I would normally use my BIG GUN camera. This is fine for me here since my final intention was to produce the result on the web rather than on a page..(yet to be tested).

So for my other blogsite…
where the recipe and layout is

I shot this image,”Cilantro Shrimp in Plantain Cup” hand held, under a low lighting condition. The anti shake feature came on automatic and the result in Raw seems fine. I also shot a small jpeg with to see how the camera program would interpret it, which it also did very close to my taste. My next trial will be on an assignment….


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