Pictures/Images..and Orphan Works

 I want to talk about old pictures and images for some. This is my aunt, Lilly,early 1930s, photographed in Lyons,France where I am from. In its original print before this scan, it was silver and black  that looked as though it was printed on metal paper. The lighting, the hair, the style truly captured its time and becomes a classic beauty, a real jewel of photography. It is for all purposes a great Stock shot with many potentials not to mention a period piece.

I said in the opening, old pictures, images for some and that some is today’s photographers. In her era, prints were about the only medium shown, and reproduced from. Professionals had labels, signatures, embossed or inked stamps to say who they were and whom to contact. 
Today, images are in many forms, digital being dominant and for professionals we have metadata that not only say the same things but add much more info, including copyright the new challenge being threatened. The threat….Orphan Works    
In brief, it says that if every attempt to locate or find out who the photographer was fails, then it is open market to a third party user. This picture has no marks nor signatures. It is almost 80 years old, now an orphan except than in actuality, I do know who the photographer is, my grandfather, who is no longer behind his camera. 
The case rests on a premise ( a revamp to copyright law) …would images like these and those with historical value be lost, unusable, no longer seen unless you are viewing the original in a museum or collection, if its creator could not be found, under current copyright law?  
What if in todays images the metadata were stripped away or unreadable by tomorrow’s tools, would they in the creator’s lifetime be open game to a myriad of users? with the Orphan Works, by the current wording, well. Theoretically you could post an image or through a third party ( a client using a website, it gets downloaded by another and reposted) your metadata stripped, and now it is an orphan, open game.      
ASMP is trying to fight and re-word Orphan Works but that alone will not protect our images from becoming lost/orphaned. Technology must come to the rescue by creating a permanent non-strippable way to keep all info within the image itself and not a side issue. 
With today’s technology we share knowledge openly. Like launching a message in a bottle in hopes to reach the right receivers but little control on where it lands. With our hope, comes its threat. For our future, must come a new defense. We can not lose what is in the past nor give up what is in the present. Join and support whatever photo group fits you best and help to bring some solution.

New Brush 2

..OK…so the first rule of thumb with a G9 camera from Canon is..CHECK THE BATTERY STATUS first…it loves the juice…..

After a false start, due to to the above fact learned the hard way!!! I came home and decided to use it where I would normally use my BIG GUN camera. This is fine for me here since my final intention was to produce the result on the web rather than on a page..(yet to be tested).

So for my other blogsite…
where the recipe and layout is

I shot this image,”Cilantro Shrimp in Plantain Cup” hand held, under a low lighting condition. The anti shake feature came on automatic and the result in Raw seems fine. I also shot a small jpeg with to see how the camera program would interpret it, which it also did very close to my taste. My next trial will be on an assignment….

Eager to try the new Canon G9, I went to Miami Beach in the morning. This top left image was originally shot Raw…100ISO..the next converted to BW in CS3, and the third with filters applied, cross strokes and water colors..all images here are at 72ppi jpeg for the web..

IMHO..the original file is very sweet at 12mp…tight and smooth. The ease of the camera was easy once I sat and read the extensive manual( good thing I already have some Canon savy) I chose to program one of the custom settings C1 to my preferences in color,format etc.
Now the part about the new brush…If I had been carrying my Gear, I might not have stopped to set up. Here during a quick walk by I spotted this image. Taking a glance down at the back,camera in hand, I made the shot. Because of this shot, I will return to continue along this point of view and see where it takes me. 


Just when my eyes were getting too bleary and my brain too swollen from looking at all the new images being put out as ” wonderful , ponderous , insightful, “..but somehow not inspiring, I was sent this link from a friend and over coffee the next morning, I sat breathing deeply.

Don’t get scared by the time, invest a little..

A New Brush

Lately there has been discussion on one of my favorite sites…http://www.luminous-landscapes

about does the camera matter. It summarizes that different cameras as in 4×5 or holga will lead that photographer to a different point of view and that difference will help to create different work.
That being said, I have picked up a new brush, because I believe that this theory is somewhat correct. Of course Ansel Adams would still have seen Half Dome whether he was using an 8×10 or a 35mm, but maybe he wouldn’t have stayed so long to study it if he used the latter. 
After a few years of digital, I returned to my 4×5 field with Polaroid’s 55N film for a personal project I am shooting. Processing in the field, another subject, I find my view of each image a timely and studied approach, not the snapping away from varied angles and lenses choice. I took my time to see it,feel it and watch it at first. I framed it through my 4×5 matt to find the view and after tweeked the camera to bring into focus what I want looking at the ground glass and seeing it on paper, the pre-visualization often talked about. Reviewing it later on after the rapture passed, I see that I made the right choice for that subject or at least, once divorced from the subject, I discovered an image that might not have been the same had I used another camera. To my mind, I had the right brush and it did lead me to that canvas.    
I have searched for another brush to see if I can produce a different view for my commercial side or simple how I see it and now I just picked up Canon’s new G9, a great little (sort of point and shoot) digital camera…info= 
With it freedom from my  camera bag…from suspicious looks..a new sense of play and hopefully a newer look…
I will provide a page with results soon ..and welcome comments.